January 20, 1997 -

Sting debut his now famous rafter entrance live on Monday Nitro at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois. On this night, he would make a (short lived) alliance with fellow free agent, Randy Savage. As a twelve year boy at the time, watching live, this was one of the coolest things I had ever seen in wrestling at this point. Hey, what can I say? I’ve always been a sucker for a great entrance. Not to mention, I’ll always be a little Stinger at heart.

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"Chemistry is…well, technically, chemistry is the ‘study of matter’. But I prefer to see it as the ‘study of change’. […] It is growth, then decay, then transformation."

- Walter White (x)


☆ Favourite wrestling entrance music

Slay Me – Dale Oliver (TNA STING)

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Sting and Great Muta. Fucking classic.


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